Alexia is a Heaven Sent Gaming character, and serves as the civilian and secret identity of the fictional superhero BladeChick. The character is the main character of the BladeChick comic series, and was created by writer Mario J. Lucero and artist Isabel Ruiz Lucero in 2012. She's a shy young woman who wears thick-rimmed glasses, and has duo-toned hair (blonde and turquoise); as BladeChick she gains a black suit with bladed edges, her glasses turn into sunglasses, and her duo-toned hair flips (turquoise and blonde).

Alexia and BladeChick first was seen in the comic "Cover 1". Alexia officially debuted in the comic "But, I Don’t Wanna…", and BladeChick's official debut was in the comic "Slice".

Alexia generally appears alongside her friend Rae

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