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Alexia and her alterego BladeChick
Basic Information
Author(s) Mario J. Lucero
Isabel Ruiz Lucero
Current status / schedule Ongoing
Launch date February 17, 2012
Syndicate(s) Heaven Sent Gaming
Genre(s) Humor, superhero, action, children, adults

BladeChick is a Heaven Sent Gaming comic illustrated by Isabel Ruiz Lucero and written by Mario J. Lucero, which has been running since February 17, 2012. The series is the first of two superhero comics by Heaven Sent Gaming, the other being Mouton.

History Edit

BladeChick and Mouton were initially created as companion series to one another, and each of them were released in 2012.

Characters Edit

  • Alexia, a shy girl that turns into a superhero named BladeChick after fainting.
  • Rae, the outgoing friend of Alexia.

Comic list Edit

No. Release date
1 February 17, 2012 - Ongoing
  • 01. "Cover 1"
  • 02. "But, I Don’t Wanna…"
  • 03. "Slice"
  • 04. "I Have The Tickets"
  • 05. "Nerdy Blonde"
  • 06. "A Kick With A Transformation"
  • 07. "Backstage"

Thus far, Alexia has been invited to a country music concert by her friend Rae. She was reluctant to go, but she managed to get herself to the concert. The concert was attacked by currently unknown assailants, and the country music performer and Rae were captured. Alexia fainted, and has become BladeChick.

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