This module implements the {{tl|clickable button 2}} template.
== Usage from wikitext ==
To use this template from wikitext, you should normally use the {{tl|clickable button 2}} template. However, it can also be used with the syntax <code><nowiki>{{#invoke:Clickable button 2|main|</nowiki>''args''<nowiki>}}</nowiki></code>. Please see the template page for a list of available parameters.
== Usage from Lua modules ==
To use this module from other Lua modules, first load the module.
<source lang="lua">
local mClickableButton2 = require('Module:Clickable button 2')
You can then generate a button using the luaMain function.
<source lang="lua">
The <var>args</var> variable should be a table containing the arguments to pass to the module. To see the different arguments that can be specified and how they affect the module output, please refer to the {{tl|clickable button 2}} template documentation.
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