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HtmlBuilder provides a way to construct complex HTML and CSS markup by creating a tree of nodes, similar to the [[Document Object Model]]. The result is a list of codes that are more comprehensible and maintainable than if you simply concatenated strings together.  It offers a [[fluent interface]] that should look familiar to any user of [[jQuery]].
'''Note: This module is deprecated in favour of [[mw:Extension:Scribunto/Lua reference manual#HTML library|mw.html]].'''
== Usage ==
First, you need to load the module:
<code>local HtmlBuilder = require('Module:HtmlBuilder')</code>
Next, create the root HtmlBuilder instance:
<code>local builder = HtmlBuilder.create()</code>
Then, you can build HTML using the methods of the HtmlBuilder instance, listed below.
Finally, get the resulting HTML markup as a string:
<code>local s = tostring(builder)</code>
== Methods ==
To allow chaining, all methods return a reference to the builder, unless otherwise stated.
<code>local div = builder.tag('div')</code>
Appends a new child node to the builder, and returns an HtmlBuilder instance representing that new node.
<code>builder = div.done()</code>
Returns the parent node under which the current node was created.  Like [ jQuery.end], this is a convenience function to allow the construction of several child nodes to be chained together into a single statement.
<code>builder = div.allDone()</code>
Like <code>.done()</code>, but traverses all the way to the root node of the tree and returns it.
<code><nowiki>div.wikitext('This is some [[example]] text.')</nowiki></code>
Appends some markup to the node. It may include plain text, wiki markup, and even HTML markup.
Appends a newline character to the node. Equivalent to <code>.wikitext('\n')</code>.
<code>div.attr('title', 'Attr value')</code>
Set an HTML attribute on the node.
<code>div.css('color', '#f00')</code>
Set a CSS property to be added to the node's <code>style</code> attribute.
<code>div.cssText('color:#f00; font-size:1.5em')</code>
Add some raw CSS to the node's <code>style</code> attribute. This is typically used when a template allows some CSS to be passed in as a parameter, such as the <code>liststyle</code> parameter of {{tl|Navbox}}.
Adds a class name to the node's <code>class</code> attribute. Spaces will be automatically added to delimit each added class name.
== Examples ==
<syntaxhighlight lang="lua">
local HtmlBuilder = require('Module:HtmlBuilder')
local root = HtmlBuilder.create()
    .wikitext('Lorem ')
        .css('color', 'red')
        .attr('title', 'ipsum dolor')
        .wikitext('sit amet')
        .wikitext('consectetur adipisicing')
local s = tostring(root)
-- s = 'Lorem <span style="color:red;" title="ipsum dolor">sit amet</span><div>consectetur adipisicing</div>'
For more examples, please see the [[Module:HtmlBuilder/testcases|test cases page]] and the [[Module talk:HtmlBuilder/testcases|test cases results]].
[[Category:Lua metamodules|HTMLbuilder, {{PAGENAME}}]]

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