This module allows you to output different text depending on the [[WP:NAMESPACE|namespace]] that a given page is in. It is a [[WP:Lua|Lua]] implementation of the {{tl|namespace detect}} template, with a few improvements: all namespaces and all namespace aliases are supported, and namespace names are detected automatically for the local wiki.
== Usage ==
{{#invoke: Namespace detect | main
| page              = <!-- page to detect namespace for, if not the current page -->
| main              = <!-- text to return for the main namespace -->
| talk              = <!-- text to return for talk namespaces -->
<!-- text to return for specific subject namespaces -->
| portal            = 
| category          = 
| user 	            = 
| wikipedia         = 
| education program = 
| mediawiki         = 
| book              = 
| timedtext         = 
| template          = 
| special           = 
| media             = 
| file              = 
| image             = 
| help 	            = 
| module            = 
| other             = <!-- text to return for unspecified namespaces -->
| demospace         = <!-- namespace to display text for -->
| subjectns         = <!-- set to "yes" to treat talk pages as the corresponding subject page -->
== Parameters ==
* '''main''' - text to return if the page is in the main namespace.
* '''talk''' - text to return if the page is in a talk namespace. This can be any talk namespace - it will match any of "Talk:", "Wikipedia talk:", "User talk:", etc.
* Subject namespace parameters, e.g. '''wikipedia''', '''user''', '''file'''... - the text to return if the page is in the corresponding namespace. This module accepts all subject namespaces as parameters, including [[Wikipedia:Namespace#Aliases|namespace aliases]] and [[Wikipedia:Namespace#Virtual namespaces|virtual namespaces]]. See below for a list of supported values.
* '''other''' - text to return if no parameters for the page's namespace were specified. This text is also returned if {{para|demospace}} is set to an invalid namespace value.
* '''subjectns''' - if on a talk page, use the corresponding subject page. Can be set with values of "yes", "y", "true" or "1".
* '''demopage''' - specifies a page to detect the namespace of. If not specified, and if the {{para|demospace}} parameter is not set, then the module uses the current page.
* '''demospace''' - force the module to behave as if the page was in the specified namespace. Often used for demonstrations. 
=== Namespace parameters ===
Possible values for subject namespace parameters are as follows:
{{#invoke:Namespace detect|table}}
== Table function ==
Use the following to display a table with the different possible namespace parameters:
 &#123;&#123;#invoke:Namespace detect|table|talk=''yes''&#125;&#125;
To include the parameter for talk namespaces, use {{para|talk|yes}}.
== Porting to different wikis ==
This module is designed to be portable. To use it on a different wiki, all you need to do is to change the values in [[Module:Namespace detect/config]]. Instructions are available on that page.
== Technical details ==
The module uses a data page at [[Module:Namespace detect/data]]. This page is loaded with [[mw:Extension:Scribunto/Lua reference manual#mw.loadData|mw.loadData]], which means it is processed once per page rather than once per #invoke. This was done for performance reasons.

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