{{module rating|alpha}}<!-- delete if this is not desirable -->
The module “{{BASEPAGENAME}}” contains (specify) available calls that make so and such.
== Usage ==
 &#123;{#invoke:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|''function_name''<!-- fill an actual name -->|…}}
== Parameters ==
The text below assumes that functions are declared as 
 function p.''function_name''( frame )
<!-- delete this paragraph, it is indended for the module’s author, not a user -->
* Positional parameters – the value of frame.args[1] is passed after ''function name'' and vertical bar, the value of frame.args[2] is passed after the value of frame.args[1] and vertical bar, and so on.<!-- rewrite the item -->
* Named parameters (specify them) – the same ''name''=''value'' syntax as in MediaWiki templates, are accessible inside the function as frame.args["''name''"].<!-- rewrite or delete the item -->
== Examples ==
{{Further|Module:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/testcases}}<!-- delete if you do not intend to create the red-linked page -->
{{#invoke: {{BASEPAGENAME}} | url | }}

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